Startup Marketing Solutions For Low Budgets

Startup marketing solutions are applicable for companies that have a low budget or are just starting with the business. When operating on the low budget or if a company is just looking to operate on a safe profit-making principle, startup marketing solutions are the right thing to do.

Typically such a company would hire companies or individuals that can deliver the following:

1. Creating the proper web domain for a business.

2. Web hosting for a desired domain or more domains.

3. Installing a simple, but professional looking website CMS scripts and platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, Moodle, Ruby…), with a nice and professional looking design

4. Website management, uploading the listings and files.

5. SEO optimisation of the website pages, articles and media files for popular search engines.

6. Advertisement and promotion management for the best cost-effective results.

7. Automatic website maintenance and moderation.

8. The right system of marketing strategies that will make new customers and increase the sales.Marketing Consulting for Startup Marketing Solutions

9. Social platforms management and marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…)

10. Regular analysing and upgrading of the marketing strategies according to the level of the company’s growth.


Most of the such startup marketing solutions of the new businesses are not found on the same place. Usually several service providers have to be hired and employed until these ten steps are successfully done.

However, if you can have all these performed from one place than you can get all the help you need and relax while working on your business growth and development.

Here at Marketing Consulting you can get all of these services and more in one package delivered to you as you feel convenient. We will tailor marketing strategies to your needs an adjust to your budget capacity.

Check out our Startup Marketing Strategies Package and find out how it can fit in with with your business needs, activities and plans.

As always contact us for a specific inquiries or needs.