About Us

Dear fellow entrepreneur, we are very excited to have you here. We hope for you that you’ll find here a huge inspiration to make your business a great one, applying our concept of “Total Profit Strategies System” (TPS System).

Using more than 250 advanced marketing and sales strategies, our company helped over 700 businesses in achieving more sales and increased profits. Most of those businesses worked closely with our leader, Mr Velibor Delic, who for more than a decade stands at the helm of our company. Here we quote him:

Velibor Delic - Marketin Consulting“One of my foundations in executing business is to assist in success and increased profits of our clients. My success is appraised only with one measurement and that is the success of my client. If my client is successful, then I can also feel some happiness in the heart.

Therefore I am so thankful to all of my clients for implementing Total Profit Strategies System in their businesses and for sharing their success with us.”

Our company is dedicated to help our clients to make the best decisions which will enrich their businesses and lives.

Whether your company is in a start-up or is in an initial growth stage, no growth-stagnating stage, decreasing-business stage, doing-good-but-want-to-do-better stage… contact us and we will find a business growth solution that fits your company situation and personal desires.

Toward more success,

Sita Rani Ltd